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Tips To Get Cheap Flights To Goa From Mumbai

August 02, 2014

Tips To Get Cheap Flights To Goa From Mumbai

While there is no question that flying is much easier than driving long distances, it is also more costly from a strictly price perspective. For many people, however, the speed, comfort and convenience of flying more than makes up for the slight difference in cost. In addition, shopping around and finding cheap flights to Goa from Mumbai can even reduce this difference by a significant amount.

The distance between Mumbai and Goa is approximately 640 kilometers, which takes just about 12 hours to drive. While the drive does go through beautiful areas of the country on the Mumbai-Goa Road or National Highway 66, the flight is just about an hour in duration, allowing you to arrive relaxed and ready to get out and see the sights or prepare for a business meeting, conference or event. With over 19 flights per day you can easily find cheap flights to Goa from Mumbai any day of the week.

Traveling Times and Days

Although airlines will offer different cheap flights to Goa from Mumbai throughout the week it is a good idea to consider flying midweek or staying over a weekend to get the best prices. Traveling on a weekend or on Monday or Friday, unless you are able to book a few weeks in advance, is typically the most costly.

If you want cheap flights to Goa from Mumbai then you should consider booking at least 4 to 6 weeks in advance. The most expensive tickets will be on the few days right before your desired departure with the worst case scenario if you book the day of or the day before your flight. 

All Non-Stop

One important consideration to keep in mind is that most cheap flights to Goa from Mumbai will be non-stop in nature, unless you are traveling to multiple destinations by a pre-set itinerary. However, longer stop overs at various airports are possible, a great consideration for business travelers that may need to meet with associates in different cities.

Make sure you book your cheap flights to Goa from Mumbai early and as they come available. Prices can change and the closer to your departure that you book typically the more expensive the flight will be. 

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